hi i'm timmy

here i would like to share my daily life in ILP academic school


-about ilp-

the reason why i chose ilp is very simple: CHEAP

the school is tiny, but very convenience.

if you don't want to eat the food provied by ilp, you can go outside, there are lots of reataurants near ilp. (the details will show in "foods in bacolod")

if you want to exercise, you can go to the gym for free with the ilp student id.

ilp has a good location, it's near downtown. (see more form "travel around bacolod")

if you want to go another place, here you can get jeepney and easily to go anywhere you want.





-about tutors and students-

the second day you arrived ilp, you would have a test.

it's quite easy, so don't worried too much.

most of students are korean, and a few of japanese, few of tiwanese.

tutors are friendly and if you don't like the way he/she teach, you can change the tutor every friday.



there are my suggestions before you come to here:

1.have basic english skill

2.bring some peso before you arrived Manila

3.bring a scarf or blanket


here is good for practicing oral presentation and daily english, but about english test(toeic, toefl, ielts, ect.)you better bring your own testbooks and be prepared for studying by yourself.




菲律賓·巴克羅|ILP遊學: 費用篇 (機票、學費、學雜費、生活費等等)




菲律賓·巴克羅|美食攻略(上) 當地人也愛! 精選十家菲律賓餐廳、西餐廳

菲律賓·巴克羅|美食攻略(下) CP值超高的下午茶、早午餐,台幣100有找!

菲律賓·巴克羅|跟著當地Tutor一起出去玩! 從市區到內格羅斯島最美沙灘


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